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So Deep Inside


Everything is going to a place I've never been before

But don't you worry I understand all these things I can't say

I just need you to tell me that is real

And to know how do you feel right now about me


Because my entire world is a mess and I don't care

Cause you are here, so deep inside

That I don't really know how can I breathe if you are not here


I know, I'm sure, what's the solution

But it's not enough to carry on

I feel smoking all my own pollution

For the very first time I feel weak and easily broken


But lie me one more time

Just play with my mind tonight

Make me feel I'm not wasting my time


Tell me where I can hide from you

If you're here so deep inside

Tell me when I will feel all right

And where I'm going to find a place to be who I should be


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